Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meeting a fellow STAR from Tech

Walking through the middle of the street
when someone shouts O Rambling Wreck
I look around to see a man
waving at me with his big strong hand

You see I had been to Georgia Tech too
he says with a sense of pride in his eyes.
It's a tough school he says to go you see
with a little tear and pride in his eyes

That sense of pride then floods through my veins
as passers by give us a fleeting glance.
To two talking strangers, smiling at each other
and sharing their experience of their great alma mater.

It felt good to meet another fan of Tech
From the year of 1979.
That sense of belonging we shared together
of both the sweet and the trying times

And this is not the very first time
that some Georgia Tech ranger has called out to me
Seeing my very Georgia Tech jersey
is how from they crowd they have recognized me.

This love for our fellows let's all carry on
Keep those GTech fires burning on
In your hearts and your minds lets love each other
Lets be bonded like no other.

~~~~  Composed on the evening of August 12th, 2011  ~~~~

I met a Georgia Tech alumnus today while walking through the streets of San Francisco when returning back from work. The few moments that followed, the conversation we had and the change of emotions that the man went through inspired me to write this after a gap of nearly 9 months. Something that touched me and reminded me of what a great school I belong to. A school that students are proud of, even after 32 years for this guy. Hey left an anonymous memory which will remain with me always through this short poem. The guy had to drop out of school after his Junior year but still the pride showed and was strong.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some thoughts again..

We smile at whom we like
We cry for whom we care
We laugh with whom we enjoy
We get angry on those who we feel our own
That's a part of FRIENDSHIP, of LOVE.

~~~~ Composed some time in the past ~~~~


पाहातो मी ती सकाळ संध्या,
दिवसाचे ते उगवणे मावळणे.
काहीतरी सांगत आहे ती मला,
सतत मला हे असेच वाटते.

सकाळची ती कोवळी किरणे,
सांगतात तू ऊठ आता.
आहे तुला मिळाली एक अजून संधी,
नवीन जीवन हे जगाया.

हळूच चढत जातो पारा,
जशी जशी ही दुपार होते.
सांगते ती मला जणू की,
जीवनात नेहमी सुख नसते.
द्याव्या लागतात कठोर परीक्षा,
फळ ज्याचे नेहमीच गोड नसते.

हळू हळू हा दिवस सरतो,
मावळू लागतो तो संध्याकाळी,
सांगते ती संध्या मला हे,
कठोर तपस्चर्ये अंती मिळते यशाची सावली.

रात्र बोलते हळूच कानाशी,
दमला असशील तू आता.
घे जरा तू थोड़ी विश्रांति,
जमव उद्या साठी नवीन शक्ति.

~~~~ Composed sometime in the past ~~~~

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Farewell to Friends @ Tech

Today's the Day, the day of JOY.
For those who have seen with me, the days at Tech go by.

The day I know, when this place will change.
The day when many of my friends, will graduate.

It's so mixed with feelings, of joy and tear.
Coz I know somewhere, that you will soon not be so near.

When many will soon, be gone away.
No more be there, just a stone's throw away.

Those 16 months, we spent together.
Has given me friends, a lifetime's worth of treasure.

The time with you, which was so well spent.
Has given me experiences, which in my mind will always dwell.

In my heart as friends, you will always stay.
Those moments cherished, will never go away.

I wish you the Best, for wherever you go.
Don't forget ever, please don't let go.
Those memories precious, that we all have shared.
Let that feeling of togetherness be always there.

Cheers to Life, Only @ Tech.
Go Jackets. Break those barriers there.

~~~~ Composed on December 17th, 2010 @ 3:13am ~~~~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

आजचे रंग

शेंदरी रंगाने आज भरलेले आसमंत, जणू मावळत्या सूर्याने पसरलेले त्यात अपुल्या तेजाचे रंग !


Thursday, April 22, 2010

मनातले विचार हे असे

आयुष्याची वळणे अशी नसतात सरळ नेहमी,
वाट काढुनी जावे लागते काटेरी झुडपातुनही कधी।
अशा कठोर क्षणां साठी जपून ठेवावे ते गोड क्षण,
कोणी म्ह्टलेली आयुष्यातली प्रेमाची चार वचन
दुःखाच्या वेळेस आणि विरहाच्या वेदनेत,
जखमां वरती बनतात ते गोड क्षण, प्रेमाचे पांघरुण
समजुत काढावयास होते ह्यांचीच मग मदत,
आठवण हे करून देतात की सगळे होइल परत NORMAL.

~~~ Composed on 21st April 2009 at 11:30 pm ~~~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just you.... Just you.... For me

Ever since I saw you I knew you are the one for me,
Every thing you do seems so very pleasant to me.

I love the way you walk and talk, and go about your way.
That charm is so touching that it won't leave me just away.

I know that I love you more than anything in this world.
I tried but couldn't forget that you mean to me the world.

I know, you don't, feel the same for me.
But I am so madly in love that I'll wait for eternity.

I want it to happen some day, that it's just you and me.
When you start feeling the same love, I have for you within me.

Hoping that you will some day, give us that little chance.
I wait for that day with bated breath and yearning in my heart.

I love you, want you, need you, to be an inseparable part of me.
Life and happiness are such a dream without your being.

Being yours will complete my life, as I now always see.
So please give me that lifetime chance of being your for eternity.

~~~ Composed on 17th April 2010, at 9:00 am ~~~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Love"ly Quote

Another good one..... I found on an FB profile

"Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly"


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One day she will wake up and realize how amazing he really was.
And when that day comes, he will be waking up next to the woman who already knew.
Saw this quote on a Facebook profile. Liked it and put it up

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Metaphorically speaking

My world came crashing down,
the earth crumbling under my feet.
The quaking earth just said,
I am letting crash your dreams.

I love my life I said,
don't bring it down on me.
The cracking earth just said,
I am sorry but it's the fate of thee.

With tears in my mind,
and solitude on me.
I decided to use my strength now,
to build my world as it had been.

But things are different now,
it may never be the same.
Coz I have lost something so very dear,
that treasure which can none replace.

But life so has to move ahead,
you can't just cling on to the past.
It will come back again to you,
if it was truly meant to last.

Some day if the earth realized,
how vain it had then been.
It may just bring back those happy days,
like they were forever meant to be.

I will wait till then,
with some hope alive.
Just hoping that the earth realize,
before those sweet memories have long gone by.

~~~ Composed on 16th December 2009, 7:00 am ~~~